An idea I had because I was frustrated trying to present outdoor work on A4 sheets of paper.
VR was only being used in games and as a tech demo at that point, not yet being realised as a tool.

Developed by the talented people at FGMNT Technology.

Situ is an immersive, web-based tool that enables clients, agencies and research companies to truly experience outdoor media before going live in the real world using virtual reality and 360-video content.





Developed by FGMNT Technology.

Software development: Figment Technology
Co-Founder & CEO – Nick Wright
Co-Founder & CCO – Jamie Daou
Head of Creative Technologies – Max Piantoni
Creative Developer – Travis Cox
Software Developers – Navjeet Sandhu & Will Dady
Product support – Stacey Borg, Eneasi Teapu, Liz Indrans
UX & UI – Jessica Ramsey
Production Partner – AIRBAG

Creative contributors:
David Schaak
Ryan Petie
Adam Ferrie
Peter Cvetkovski

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