Maxibon – Maxiblokes

Integrated campaign giving guys the opportunity to be immortalized as an action figure.

When young blokes need to satisfy their man-hunger, they don’t usually go for ice cream. But Peters MAXIBON wanted a piece of the snacking pie. So to make MAXIBON the man-snack of choice for young men we had to make it a whole lot more appealing. Not only that, we had to appeal to the male ego.

Most blokes often wish they could be superheroes when, in actual fact, they already have a superhuman ability – man-hunger. A hunger that allows them to eat full-on snacks like MAXIBON. To celebrate this superhuman feat, we gave blokes the chance to have what every genuine superhero has – his own action figure!

The personalised action figures incorporate the latest 3-D printing technology to emulate the hair and facial features of each lucky winner.

Five action figures were given away every day for the duration of the campaign, which incorporated large format outdoor sites, transit interiors, Facebook activity and an cinema/online film that parodied an 1980s action figure commercial.



















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